The is a Dutch-based startup (currently registered in Delft) that aims to solve that problem by establishing a secure community-based online marketplace platform (web application) that bridges the gap between academy and industry research needs, specifically in high-tech and engineering sector. The Dutch and the South East Asian (ASEAN) markets are the main focus in the first chapter of the business.

On one hand, the platform allows high-tech and engineering universities and individual scholars in the Netherlands and the ASEAN market:

On the other hand, the platform allows practitioners and engineers in high-tech industry or even R&D departments in ASEAN market and the Netherlands:

There are three key customers targeted in the platform: platform safeguards data privacy for both researchers and industry by establishing non-disclosure agreements and ensuring discussions are recorded, minuted and saved in the Cloud platform as affirmation to data privacy from both parties. aims to bridge the gap between academy and industry in the field of high-tech and engineering by making it easier for both parties to understand each other’s research needs and therefore allows dynamic collaboration between the two.


Realising the full potential of science and industry for a better world and putting it into action.



Bridging the gap between academia and industry research needs with convenience and security